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Production Credits

Juan Bridson

Juan has been involved with the following productions:

Terry The Droitwich Discovery March 2022

The Droitwich Discovery
July 2021

Constable Thomkins
Death by Fatal Murder
November 2020

NickThe Sandlewood MouseMarch 2020
DI StottAlter EgoNovember 2019
GoldbergThe Birthday PartyMay 2019
ManI Dream Before I Take the StandJuly 2016
ManI Dream Before I Take the StandFebruary 2016
Edward FowlerStitchesMay 2015
Patrick James CarterThe Reluctant WitnessesFebruary 2013
Billy FisherBilly LiarMay 2012
QuinceA Midsummer Night's DreamNovember 2010

PolicemanThe Brides of MarchMay 2001