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a compilation
Thursday 21st to Saturday 23rd May 2015
Curtain 7:30pm
Erin Arts Centre, Port Erin


Stitches comprising six  playlets

 Act One
Scene 1 - Plaster

Richly comic , in which a thoroughly broken man, 99% covered in bandages and plaster and  surrounded by machinery keeping him going, is visited by his wife. Much is revealed as to the nature of their relationship!

 Scene 2 - Going Home

A study of racial and class prejudice, universal sisterhood and the awakening of the finer possibilities that life may offer once the option of choice (as opposed to dumb acceptance) is realised. A well observed journey of self-awareness for one character, with comic, ironic and many thought provoking moments.

Scene 2 - Waiting

An old man runs through his life events, whilst sitting, visitor-less, by a sun-streamed window, during visiting hour at the hospital. A stream of consciousness, like watching an old flickering home movie.  Tissue factor: 10!

Act Two
Scene 1- Gentle Breeze

A postman, visiting outpatients, whiles away the waiting  time chatting  about his various sartorial peccadilloes. Witty, sly, revealing and touching.

 Scene 2 - Questions

An elderly gentleman, recently discharged from a stay in hospital, is visited at home by a young nurse, whose remit it is to establish if he is fit to cope at home on his own. Another powerful study of the strength of the human spirit with a magical,  heart-warming  moment as total rapport is established between youth and grand old age. Tissue factor: 10!

 Scene 3 - Magic

An independent and very private lady is visited by her snobbish and insensitive work colleague and her crasse husband, with several highly entertaining sub plots running at the same time. Quick-fire farce with an hilarious denouement. A  lovely ensemble piece. Leave the theatre laughing! Possible stitches required after watching this!



Plaster from Visiting Hour by Richard Harris
Directed byCatie Angus
HelenSharon Roberts
EricGraham Roberts
Going Home from Visiting Hour by Richard Harris
Directed byAdrienne Sanderson
TriciaCelia Redwood-Sawyer
MaureenOonagh Walsh
HazelPat Clewis
VisitorNick Emery
Jack Verity
Waiting from Visiting Hour by Richard Harris
Directed byLouise Park
NurseMitzi English
Mr ArcherBrian Matthews
Gentle Breeze by Jack Verity
from an original idea by Justin de Rizzo George
Roy MailleJack Verity
Questions by Susan Vesey
Directed byAdrienne Sanderson
Nurse GoddardMollie Workman
Edward FowlerJuan Bridson
News ReaderNick Emery
Magic from Visiting Hour by Richard Harris
Directed byCatie Angus
RonGraham Roberts
JoanOonagh Walsh
BrendaNorma Ruocco
SandraChris McFee
MayMari Moss
ArthurRex Nelson
Backstage Crew
Lights & SoundMike Lean
Costumes & Scene ShiftersThe Team
Production, Set Design & ProgrammeAdrienne Sanderson
Set Construction & Special EffectsDavid Leiserach
PropsLouise Park, Adrienne Sanderson
Poster DesignLiz Galloway
Hospital Equipment advice & PlasteringPaul Ellis
Prompt & BackstageCaroline Turner
Front of HouseJane & Norman McGregor Edwards 2015