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Production Credits

Brian Matthews

Brian has been involved with the following productions:

Squadron Leader Roger (Sniffy) Allwright Death by Fatal Murder
November 2020

AlanThe Sandlewood MouseMarch 2020
PeteyThe Birthday PartyMay 2019
Sir Walton GatesSleighed to DeathNovember 2018
EmilSpring Theatre Fest - Duck VariationsMarch 2018
Old ManWaiting (from Visiting Hours)February 2016
Charlie ClenchOne Man, Two GuvnorsNovember 2015
The Major & General GordonThe LadykillersNovember 2014
MoonThe Real Inspector HoundFebruary 2013 & October 2012
MagistrateThe Wind in the WillowsOctober 2011
DadRattling the RailingsFebruary 2011
FluteA Midsummer Night's DreamNovember 2010
AndyThe SteamieMay 2010
LeclercAllo AlloNovember 2009

Saint GaudensCamilleOctober 2006