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A Midsummer Night's Dream

by William Shakespeare

November 25th - 27th 2010

Erin Arts Centre, Port Erin

Mischief and mayhem reign in the forest on this magical night, causing, amongst other things, Bottom to undergo startling physical changes. There is a total mix-up of who loves whom after magic drops are placed into various sleeping eyes, so that the person, so bewitched, will fall in love with whomever is first seen on awakening. Thus, confusion amongst the young lovers and Titania's sudden passion for a 'translated' Bottom!
fter all the mayhem, all ends well (it would seem). The last scene depicts three happy couples gathering for the forthcoming muptuals: Lysander and Hermia now betrothed with Hermia's father's blessing, Demetrius and Helena now also ecstatically in love with each other and the Duke and Hippolyta, all gathered to be entertained by the comic band of Rustics who are proud that their play, 'The Tragical Comedy of Thisbe and Pyramus' , has been chosen above all other contenders to be performed fo the festivities.
Puck's speech, which closes the play, makes one wonder a little if all is as it seems .......

Directed byJohn Bethell
Assistant to the DirectorSusie Beswick
LysanderAnthony Lowey
HermiaCatriona Foxon
HelenaKatie Holmes
QuinceJuan Bridson
BottomSteve Blower
FluteBrian Matthews
StarvelingPat Clewis
SnoutDennis Cross
SnugRobert Clayton
PuckRyan McGuigan
1st ElfNathan Murray
2nd ElfThomas Moulden
OberonGraham Roberts
TitaniaSharon Roberts
ChangelingTom Roberts
DemetriusJames Kelly
PeaseblossomCharlotte Wade
CobwebSara Holt
MothRosie Dixon
Mustard SeedElise Norris
TheseusStan Woollock
EgeusRex Nelson
HippolytaJudy Davis
PhilostrateJane Foxon
Back Stage Crew
Stage ManagerSusie Beswick
Set DesignJohn Bethel, John Moon
Set ConstructonJohn Moon
Scenery DecorationTeri Saunders, Holly Saunders, Adrienne Sanderson
Poster DesignDavid Patrick
Programme Adrienne Sanderson
Lighting & SoundJohn Moon
Costumes designed & created byAdrienne Sanderson & Joanna Fox
Oberon & Titania's costumes designed byRobyn Manton
Oberon & Titania's costumes created byRobyn Manton, Susie Beswick
Ass's head created byAdrienne Sanderson
PropertiesAdrienne Sanderson
Stage CrewJackie Allibone, Thelma Floate
Make upDianne Helliwell
Backstage AssistantCarol Bridson
Rushen Players Youth Group Directed by Vera Moon
Korean costumes byMyongi Martin
Turkish fabrics bySue Walton
GreeneryBob & Loretta Potts, Falcons Neat, Port Erin 2014