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Sand Castles

by Bob Larbey
14th October  2000
Erin Arts Centre, Port Erin

Sand Castles, by Bob Larbey, was presented by the Society in the autumn of the year 2000. The writing of this play was specially commissioned by British Telecom, as part of its support for and promotion of the Arts, the play was to be performed, initially, solely by amateur groups. About ninety amateur societies, including Rushen Players, scattered throughout the length and breadth of the British Isles, were invited to participate in giving this play its world premiere on Saturday, 14th October 2000.

The action takes place at the present timeon a beach in the South of England.



Directed byVera Moon
William PattersonMike Tipper
Margaret PattersonLesley Coole
Stan BilletPhil Smith
Bernice BilletPam Bush
Mrs BilletVera Moon
PaulineNicky Merritt
DougRex Nelson
DebsJenny Baker
BeckyEmma Bush
Mrs PenfoldNorma Ruocco
Mrs NewmanCatie Angus
IdaPat Clewis
BeachcomberNeill Angus
Jim KiteWayne Kelsall
Tracey KiteCarol Hayes
ChildrenAilish Angus, Tom Angus
Back Stage Crew
Stage ManagerJudy Davis
Lighting & SoundCaroline Coole
Set ConstructionJohn Hayes, Wendy Watson, Rex Nelson, Ron Beswick
PropertiesSandra Lowey, Joan Hayes
Mari Moss, Tania Quine 2014