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Play Reading

Welcome to our sixth on-line play reading

Join up with fellow Rushen Players members

at 8:00pm on Tuesday 7th July 2020 we will read

The Sign of Four
by Di Brown

The Amazing Adventures of Sherlock Homes
based on the novel by Arthur Conan Doyle

Meeting over ZOOM (social distancing no-problem)

First download your script by clicking the link below


You can either use it on another device (tablet/phone) or print it out at home
We will also post the script on the screen during the Zoom play reading

To join the play reading click the link below just before 8:00 pm on Tuesday 7th July

Join ZOOM meeting
Meeting ID: 779 4673 5630
Password: 5aqENc

If we run over our allotted time, click the link again to rejoin the meeting.
You may need to enter the Password to rejoin 5aqENc

A new window will appear in your Browser similar to this
You don't need to download Zoom or use any passwords.
If you have already downloaded Zoom, then you probably know the ropes!
Note there is a new version of Zoom, with improved secuity, which will be essential
to download if you have not already done this.


Click the 'Join a Meeting' button and wait to be to the meeting
You will see the following screens
Click to launch the meeting

If you don't want to download the Zoom App then click 'Join from your Browser'
However this feature is not available on iPad or iPhone
Enter your 'name', click the 'I'm not a robot', Click 'Join'
'Allow' use of your microphone
Start your Video camera
Enable your audio
Finally click the 2 buttons
Adjust your camera so we can see you

If you intend to read a part please
e-mail (click here) beforehand
so we can be sure to include you

If you just want to listen in and laugh
(at the play and the inevitable confusion of this first time effort)
can you please mute your microphone when others are reading

See you on the 9th (Tomorrow)


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