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Past Productions

1975 to 1989

1988Two Chinese Plays????
1988Murder DeferredStuart Ready
1987Here we come GatheringPhilip King & Anthony Armstrong
1987The Old Country???
1986The Stolen PrinceDan Tothersh
1986The Singing MaidPentland Hick
1986The Brides of MarchJohn Chapman
1985Two Dozen Red RosesKenneth Horne
1985A Little Love BesidesAlan Parker
1984The First Night of PygmalianRichard Huggett
1984Man for the Job???
1983The White Sheep of the FamilyL Du Garde Peach
1982Busy BodyJack Popplewell
1982Letter from the GeneralMaurice McLoughlin
1981Your Obediant ServantSummer Lock Elliot
1981The VigilLadislav Fodor
1980Breath of SpringPeter Cook
1980Two Dozen Red RosesKenneth Horne
1979Too Soon for DasiesWilliam Dinner & William Morum
1978The Heartless PrincessFranklyn Black
1978Job for the BoyDennis Driscoll
1978On ApprovalFrederick Lonsdale
1977The Geese are getting FatArthur Watkyn
1977Mixed Doublesvarious authors
1976Hans, The Witch and the GobbinAlan Cullen
1976The Secret TentElizabeth Addyman
1975The Noble SpaniardSomerset Maughan 2014