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Past Productions

1958 to 1974

1974Private LivesNoel Coward
1974Out of the QuestionIra Wallach
1974Private LivesNoel Coward
1973Love by Appointment?
1972The EnquiryCharlotte Hastings
1972Brush with a BodyMaurice MvLoughlin
1971When we are MarriedJ B Priestley
1969The Late Christopher BeanEmlyn Williams
1968Mr. Pym Passes ByA A Milne
1967A Man About the HouseJohn Perry
1966Pink String and Sealing WaxRoland Pertwee
1965Laburnum GroveJ B Priestley
1965A Letter from the GeneralMaurice McLoughlin
1964Man AliveJohn Dighton
1964Murder in the MindRex Hartley
1963Separate TablesTerence Rattigan
1963The House by the LakeHugh Mills
1962Ladies in WaitingCyril Campion
1962Ladies in RetirementEdward Percy & Reginald Denham
1961Gilt and Ginger BreadLionel Hale
1961Ladies in RetirementEdward Percy & Reginald Denham
1960Mystery at GreenfingersJ B Priestley
1960Haul for the ShoreJean McConnell
1959Cash in the KittyDennis Driscoll
1959Sailor BewarePhillip King & Falkland Cary
1958The Importance of Being ErnestOscar Wilde
1958TabithaArnold Ridley & M C Bower
1958All the Tea in ChinaWilfred Harvey 2014