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Love Me Slender

by Vanessa Brooks
May 16th - 18th 2002
Erin Arts Centre, Port Erin

"Remember, girls - not slim for today, not slim for tomorrow, but slim for life!"

With these words, Siobhan, the Achiever of the Year '94, inspires her hopeful new recruits from flab to fab in th eSlim for Life dieting club.

Five stages - committment, discipline, sacrifice, realisation and salvation - from the key to a new life and a new you. But the determination to succeed comes with a price and one not everyone is willing to pay.

When temptation rises and motivation wanes, the edges begin to unravel in the face of autocratic rule. \Just how much is the price worht paying?


Directed byAdrienne Sanderson & Catie Angus
SiobhanNicky Merritt
KellyCaroline Coole
ClaudetteLesley Coole
RosieJoan Hayes
LucindaPam Bush
CeliaPat Clewis
JeanCatie Angus
Back Stage Crew
Stage ManagerWillie Hanson
BackstageLou Gillow
Poster DesignAdrienne Sanderson
Set Design & ConstructonJohn Hayes
PropsJean Horsley, Jane Clarke
Lighting & SoundIan Costain, John Moon, Carrie Costain
Front of HouseMike Tipper, Vera Moon
RaffleSandra Lowey
Guitar 'Love me Tender'David Kinley 2014